write an article on you guys have to refer my file Paper must be at least 250 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on you guys have to refer my file Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Rough Riders in the Oakland Police Department The rough riders dedicated their time and energies to fighting crime and drug abuse in Oakland. They acted arbitrarily by beating drug suspects and planting drugs thereby framing their suspects. In doing this, the officers defied all the standard protocols thus breaking the law as they attempted to maintain law and order in the society. Their actions parallel those fronted by Milgram and Zimbardo, Lessing, and Fromm in their respective discourses. The four contend that obedience is a noble thing since it enhances orderliness and often safeguards the greater good in a society. Additionally, the four encourage the reconciliation of both obedience and conscience (Milgram and Philip 189). As such, they encourage ethical and moral practice. The police officers did not obey the standards procedure in their desire to restore law and order in the streets. Furthermore, the officers brutalized their suspects thus disregarding all the ethical and moral dictates of the practice.

I believe the local Oakland resident made the statement out of rage. Apparently, drug was a major cause of disharmony in the society. The rogue officers stamped their authority albeit illegally thereby reducing the prevalence of drug-related crime. The resident thus believed that such officers would help restore law and order in the society and that they were acting for the greater good of the society. The resident later reconsiders the lawless nature of the actions of the police. He understands that the actions disregarded basic human rights. Additionally, such actions would possibly begin affecting innocent residents. The resident, therefore, concludes by expressing his confusion. I imagine the rough riders came into existence because of inefficiencies in the management of the police department. The management of the police department relented in their supervision of the officers thus permitting a few officers to break the law.

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