Writing assignment on a symbol of changing times.

I need some assistance with these assignment. a symbol of changing times Thank you in advance for the help! Facebook, is a platform of sharing both, professional and personal information, has become a place to reunite with old friends, keeping in touch with current ones and keeping track of the updates in the lives of friends and family. Not only that, but it has also helped people to get in touch with relatives who were somehow separated in emergency circumstances. Facebook is also helping in social causes, which is evident from the fact that 12 million Facebook users marched around the globe against the FARC rebels in Colombia.

With changing times and growth of the company, the founder Mr. Zuckerberg has adopted a more professional image and has become media savvy, aiming at having every person in the world on Facebook one day. However, with recent changes in the interface design of the site, some members are disappointed.

The Facebook homepage now displays more information and recent updates from friends. It has also introduced terms that give them control over the content. This has irritated members and hence, 2 and half million members have joined the group called “Millions against Facebook’s New Layout and Terms of Services” on Facebook. However, Facebook officials say that the terms are necessary to protect themselves from lawsuits from users if they later regret the sharing of personal information. Facebook officials are confident that Facebook users will get used to new changes as after all, it is a social communication and bonding site. The bonding has become so strong, that despite not liking the changes, the users are still glued to it.

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