Writing assignment on an air legislation.

I need some assistance with these assignment. an air legislation Thank you in advance for the help! The record also assists different aircraft maintenance engineers in establishing the necessary maintenance procedures for an aircraft. Since most maintenance procedures on aircraft remain procedural, the form essentially enables manufacturers to keep track of maintenance performed on an airplane. The information contained in the technical log helps establish the time for the next procedural maintenance on aircraft. The usability of a plane could also be found from information provided by the technical record. The document is certified by internationally recognized airworthiness authorities. These authorities have the mandate to approve the information contained in the technical log.How is data recorded, kept where?

Data within the technical log is recorded manually following the completion of any maintenance procedures performed. The information remains within the technical register’s content, which always has to be carried aboard the plane. The storing could either be performed manually or through specialized systems within the aircraft.

Maintenance schedule: who creates it? Who approves it? Types of a maintenance check, flight hours and cycles, work pack, job cards maintenance records.

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A maintenance schedule could be defined as a guideline, providing maintenance engineers with information regarding the timing for routine aircraft maintenance procedures. Operators of aircraft create civil and commercial airplanes (Rodrigues and Cusick, p 164). The schedule remains an essential document, presented to aviation authorities, by operators, for approval. Different aviation authorities have the mandate to approve these schedules. Maintenance checks refer to an inspection carried out on commercial and civil aircraft from time to time. Within the aviation industry, four types of maintenance checks exist. Namely, A to D. The classification n follows the weight of the reviews with A and B being light, while the C and D remain heavy checks.

Flight hours could be defined as the number of hours an aircraft remains in the flight, calculated between take-off and landing time. A single aircraft cycle comprises of one take-off and landing. Flight cycle and flight hours remain essential in determining the timing for routine maintenance procedures. A work pack could be defined as the activities that an individual ought to undertake. The maintenance record comprises records of the maintenance procedure performed on an aircraft since manufacturing.

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