Writing assignment on george berkeley as the famous british empiricist.

I need some assistance with these assignment. george berkeley as the famous british empiricist Thank you in advance for the help! He wrote and published A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge (1710), and his major work known as Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous that was published in 1713, which was during his first trip to England. The work by Berkeley contributes to the field of Philosophy despite his earlier work that focused on the field of Mathematics. By the age of 30 years, Berkeley had published the three treatises that entrenched him as an important contributor to the world of Philosophy that are still applicable in contemporary society. In doing so, the author made a mark similar to those made by both John Locke and David Hume.

One of the fundamental contributions towards the field of Philosophy by Berkeley regards his development of the theory of immaterialism. This theory offers an explanation about the various approaches through which human beings obtain knowledge regarding objects that are material in nature. To understand his development of this theory, Berkeley was informed by his worldview on how religious cynicism was rampant in the society following the attacks on principles such as those developed by Aristotle. Besides, various philosophies on materialism that contributed to the scepticism on Christianity, which he noted pushed God further away from humanity with human beings actively disengaging from Christianity. I think this worldview contributed to Berkeley’s decision to develop his theory and work, in immaterialism, in order to ensure that Christians did not lose touch with God and explain the important role of religion, if not the role of Christianity, to the society.

In summary, the theory holds Esse est percipi, which loosely translates to “to be is to be perceived.” To an extent, I think this makes Berkeley and his entire Philosophy towards life take an idealist approach. In this case, the theory explains human beings as individuals whose knowledge and ideas about various material&nbsp.objects is based on sensations that people perceive to be true.&nbsp.

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