Writing assignment on main characteristics and history air conditioning creating.

I need some assistance with these assignment. main characteristics and history air conditioning creating Thank you in advance for the help! The air conditioner is basically a machine that is used to control the temperature and humidity level of a space. The air conditioner generally serves to distribute conditioned air in places that are occupied, especially by humans, thereby making it more comfortable for habitation. Although there are risks in using air conditioners, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks. This paper will discuss the air conditioner. First, the paper will discuss the history of air conditioning. Secondly, the benefits and advantages of air conditioning will be discussed. This will be followed by the risks and disadvantages of air conditioners. The paper will close with a summary and conclusion.

Throughout human history, several attempts have been made to avoid the discomfort that comes with a lot of heat. To this effect, humans have made several attempts to keep cool during the hot summer months. Humans took refuge in shades and found comfort in the protection that they offered against the sun and hot grounds during prehistoric times, much as they do the same today as noted by Kreider (2008). With time humans started relying on architectural designs to achieve the same goal. To-date many buildings and constructions are simply designed to take advantage of natural ventilation. While this is the case, the fundamental idea behind air conditioning found application in ancient Egypt as noted by Kreider (2008). In ancient Egypt, people commonly hung reeds moistened with trickling water in windows. The water that evaporated from the reeds cooled the air that blew through the window into the house. As this happened, the air also got more humid. Ancient Romans on their part circulated water drawn from aqueducts through building walls to keep the buildings cool. While this was the case in ancient Rome, the people of medieval Persia applied different techniques to achieve the same goal (Kreider, 2008). &nbsp.They used wind towers and cisterns to cool their buildings during hot seasons.

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