Writing assignment on methods and research in science

I need some assistance with these assignment. methods and research in science Thank you in advance for the help! Description mostly involves the collection of systematic observations, whereas prediction establishes relationships that exist amongst given variables, in other words, it can be said to be correlational research. Finally, explanation comprises the establishment of cause as well as affect relationships and is mostly done via experiments.

3. The main advantages of using the observational methods of data collection comprised of the fact that it is a prompt technique of collecting information since data obtained is usually readily available. Secondly, it is a cheap method in comparison with other forms of collecting data since it requires only observing and recording accordingly.

Thirdly, observation offers direct access to whatever social phenomenon is under consideration and thus does not rely on a third party to provide the required reports or information. Lastly, observation is able to assume different forms, from unstructured and informal approaches to tightly standardized, structured approaches, leading to yielding of related kinds of data, both quantitative and qualitative. Thus, observation can be readily applicable to a wide array of contexts (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2007).

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4. Behavior is a term that is broad and basically is our way of communication. Human behavior can be categorized into 4 types which are. first is passive which is characterized by not requesting for what you want, bottling up anger within oneself, frequently saying sorry as well as saying yes when one wants to say no instead. Passivity usually does not have a place and time. The second type of behavior is aggressive and is mostly exhibited by shouting, intimidating, bullying, showing off as well as bossing around.

Aggressive behavior is all about dominance, control and this style of behavior stems out of one being afraid. The third type of behavior is assertive which basically is portrayed&nbsp.by individuals who are clear about what they want, are brave and honest with themselves as well as others.&nbsp.

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