Writing assignment on television show analysis of being erica: this be the verse

I need some assistance with these assignment. television show analysis of being erica: this be the verse Thank you in advance for the help! The younger generation does not know much of their Jewish past, they have not undergone actual physical suffering and mental tortures and they have to begin life from an altogether different plane, as compared to their elders. One can see the reflection of the family relationships as per the Jewish traditions in this episode. Their agreements, and disagreements, their apprehensions and conclusions are depicted through the interplay between the different characters. For example, the loyalty of Barb to her husband Gary, notwithstanding his extra-marital relationship needs to be understood in the backgrounder information of the Jewish traditions. According to Judaism, men are expected to love their wives as their own bodies. This relationship is compared to a man’s relationship with God. When such a perfect understanding exists, one can conclude that there is a divine presence in the family. Negativities crop up in the family of Gary and Barb on account of the situations created due to a lack of understanding amongst different family members. By employing the cultural tools, interpretation of the spiritual tenets articulated in the scriptures becomes possible. Cultural programs and fine-tuned television shows help to make Jewish teachings and experiences attractive and acceptable.

Before articulating how this show comments on Jewish identity in present-day North America, it is necessary for us to examine the present position of Jews in that region. How Jewish identity is sustained in the various segments of society? What are the credentials for being identified as Jewish? In his article “Sustaining Jewish Identity” Jonathan Woocher writes “For many Jews, being Jewish is about affirming a set of core values: care for those in need (tzedakah and chesed), the pursuit of justice and repair of the world (mishpat and tikkun olam), community and responsibility (kehillah and areivut), and love of Israel and of all human beings (ahavat yisrael and ahavat habriyot).&nbsp.


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