Writing assignment on the evolution of music

I need some assistance with these assignment. the evolution of music Thank you in advance for the help! Since most people view listening to music as a frivolous activity, numerous of its effects have been often forgotten and sometimes ignored. Music has evolved dramatically and has always had promoted good acts among the listeners, the singers, composers, and society. Music can be emotionally calming, soothing before a test, or entertaining during celebrations and festivities. Listening to music has benefits, yet, most individuals never cogitate. Several kinds of research indicate that themes can be applied to alleviate the suffering such as invalids and convalescents, the hurt, mentally ill or aging people. These research findings show that using music in certain situations could be equally useful as various kinds of therapy (Bunt, 1994).

It is documented that music, mainly when used in therapy, lowers the listeners’ heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Music can induce physiological responses in patients, such as altering the heart rate to relieve anxiety and hypertension. Emotional responses to music can help recover suppressed memories that may underpin physical ailments (Bunt, 1994). These findings encompass the utilization of active and passive methods depending on the individual’s needs and abilities. No person can comprehend all the methodologies music can profit the body, but explorations have shown that music can help stress hormones. In some cultures, music and prayer function as a unified whole, as the spiritual power of energy with healing properties. It is also possible that the musical structure promotes cognitive flexibility that might underlie musical healing processes. Music’s benefits across the lifespan have been studied in various settings, about mood and during wellness and states of acute, chronic illness. The findings suggest that music, used either alone or in combination with imagery, dance, or massage, can reduce pain, anxiety, tension, or better life (Bunt, 1994). Most of the studies recommend that to be most beneficial, music should be self-selected according to individual preference (Bunt, 1994).

Students come from many walks of life. added to that diversified mix is the increasing number of special education students. The spectrum of learning disabilities is growing daily. The need for music and music therapists’ involvement is becoming increasingly necessary as these students face more significant challenges in the classroom (Neil-Palmer, 2009).

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