Writing assignment on what is the connection between guanxi and corruption in china

I need some assistance with these assignment. what is the connection between guanxi and corruption in china Thank you in advance for the help! Other theorists believe that Guanxi is an act by which individuals get economic favor, jobs, and many privileges through bribes. Therefore, given that dimension, Guanxi becomes a contributing factor to the rampant corruption that exists in China.

Accordingly, theorists claim that corruption and Guanxi are intertwined to the extent that the two cannot be easily separated. Further, observations reveal that in China, Guanxi is the synonym for corruption and other practices such as bribery, nepotism and tribalism, among other negative frauds that have become major impediments to societal developments. Moreover, other claims suggest that in Chinese society, one either trade favors or buys them. Secondly, suppose one cannot have Guanxi based on personal relations. In that case, bribery then becomes the best alternative for building up the first and strongest relationship, which may open doors for other favors. Therefore, Guanxi holds the capability to propagate corruption from an individual’s actions to the institutional levels. Guanxi, therefore, can allow corrupt individuals to benefit from grabbed public resources while, on the other hand, deny the other group their right for the lack of social network. In other words, Guanxi can influence corrupt individuals to sacrifice social good for personal gains. In this way, scholars view Guanxi and corruptions as the major impediments to positive developments in Chinese society (C.C. Chen, X.-P. Chen 7).s

According to analysts, China is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. In the KPMG Global Anti-Bribery Corruption Survey of 2011, China had the third-highest corruption index. In the same context, a report released by Transparency International in the year 2006 claimed that among the thirty exporters, China is the second most in giving and taking of bribes (Shum 1). However, this act of corruption is tolerated by a lack of proper legal channels to back the national government rather than an individual’s selfish practices.

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