writing homework on Geology of Monaco.

Need help with my writing homework on Geology of Monaco. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Monaco is an autonomous region bordering France on three sides and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. Due to Monaco’s closeness to the Mediterranean Sea, this region has a diversity of geological structures that mostly rely on the interaction of the sea and land to form. As such, the main geological feature of Monaco is the Rock of Monaco, a 141-meter monolith that stands on the Mediterranean Sea coast overlooking the port (King, 2008). The monolithic rock formation was formed from the constant bashing of the limestone-rich rock outcrops of the Mediterranean coastline by the oceanic plates. Such processes leave a monolith of pure rock material after the saltwater had eroded the softer limestone parts. Although the monolith rock served many purposes during the development of Monaco as an autonomous region, the geological feature stands as one of the most prominent natural facades of the country. Due to the geological phenomena mentioned earlier, a large part of Monaco is a hilly and rugged country.

The second most idyllic geological structure in Monaco is the Mont Agel. As the home of the Nice Air Base, this mountain range is not exactly the highest point in all of Monaco since there is a staircase greater than the range. However, the range is the largest natural or geological structure in the small country. The formation of the small range is not well known, but many geologists attribute seismic activity originating from the nearby Alpine regions. However, some critics have claimed that possible volcanic eruptions in the middle ages might have contributed to the formation of the small ranges.

Most of the geological regions that form Monaco are covered up in urban structures due to the large-scale real estate industry of the small region. The issue is so serious that Monaco has no commercial agricultural interests basing its economy entirely on the property, fishing, and&nbsp.tourism industries. However, these intensive human activities have spared a few regions, such as the pristine beaches. Monaco’s beach is comprised mostly of occupied beachfront properties, but the geology of the small country’s sea-hugging beach line is largely untouched.

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