writing homework on History of Geographic Information Systems.

Need help with my writing homework on History of Geographic Information Systems. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The evolution of this particular progression will be traced in the hopes that such a discussion will be fundamentally useful in allowing the analyst to come to a further appreciation of the way in which geographic information systems have evolved and impacted upon the way in which decisions are made and information is understood within the current world. As a result of tracing the historical origins of geographic information systems, the analysis will present some of the key ways in which GIS has been able to positively impact upon human knowledge and drastically developed over the past several hundred years. By discussing and analyzing GIS and its history outside of the era of computing, it is the further hope of this author that the reader can gain a more informed and definitive understanding of the ways in which this particular technology is likely to grow and expand in the immediate future. representing more and more a pivotal way of understanding the world around us and less contingent upon complicated software applications.

One of the first recorded applications of GIS denotes the fact that computer imaging and/or sophisticated software suites are not required in order for this particular science to be represented. Accordingly, in 1832, the French geographer Charles Picquet utilized GIS as a means of tracking the 48 districts of Paris and seeking to determine a level of inference with respect to a debilitating and deadly cholera outbreak that was threatening the health of the entire city. By creating a primary layer of geographic information that represented 48 districts of Paris and overlaying this map with cholera infections, Charles Picquet was able to pinpoint the actual well that was responsible for the illness that was killing so many Parisians at that time. Through analyzing the two different data sets at the same time and being able to draw a useful level of inference from what was represented, most GIS historians did note that this particular&nbsp.representation was the first of its kind in which GIS was utilized as a means of affecting a level of understanding on the practitioner.

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