writing homework on Principles and Concepts of Sustainability.

Need help with my writing homework on Principles and Concepts of Sustainability. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Generally, sustainability is a measurable entity in terms of biodiversity change due to human globalization and population in addition to the concept of carrying capacity. Social, economic, and environmental dimensions are also studied in the sustainability context due to the role that they play in human life, as well as the existing natural systems. A lot of empirical research has been conducted by researchers and scholars, but no research has exhausted sustainability realms (Liebert 11).

The period ranging from 1980 is marked by the relationship of sustainability to the Earth and its sustenance of humans. however, recent proofs have brought about its relationship with all other natural and artificial systems. This has led to the interlude with the sustainable development in the recent developments, which entails the fulfillment of present requirements alongside eradication of future generation compromise. The history of sustainability dates back to the period when human civilizations started to dominate the ecology, believing that transitions must have away in the same. Thus, the developing societies have perceived the aspect as that which entails progress in a particular society, mainly marked by the occurrence of conflicts, which some were solved and acted as a rationale for sustainability and others remain unsolved, thus declining sustainability (Ott Konrad 59).

Effective Planning is a long-term strategy that would enhance the sustainability of all systems. Vibrant mixed-utilization of high-density national centers and societies development should be duly enabled. Additionally, mobility realms improvement would act as a rationale for the enhancement of sustainability. Investments directed towards a quality establishment of the infrastructure of public transit, which is easily accessible should be emphasized. In addition, excellent quality bicycle and pedestrian passage should be considerably improved. Phone call notifications from signage should be utilized in the improvement of mutual connectivity and enhancing rich sources of information. Moreover, the overall economy should be intervened in every state in the world, as a prerequisite to the development of sustainability in addition to unlimited support of businesses, both local and international as artificial sustainability systems should be a key step (Ott Konrad 67).

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