writing homework on Sustainability of the Canned Tuna Harvest.

Need help with my writing homework on Sustainability of the Canned Tuna Harvest. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The Tuna is the world’s most economically important wildlife species. It represents a wider industry comprising the canned markets, the fresh (sashimi), and the frozen market. . Harvesting of the canned Tuna species has raised significant ecological issues and concerns related to economic and environmental sustainability (WWF n.p).&nbsp.

The most commonly canned species of tuna fish include the Albacore Tuna/Longfin tuna, the yellow fish tuna species, and the skipjack tuna species (Miyake et al. 85). The following section provides information regarding the biological species, habitat, trade name, fishing methods and their related advantages and disadvantages, and the sustainability of the various canned tuna species.

The scientific name for the Albacore tuna is the Thunnus Alalunga. It is a large fish, which is 5 feet long and weighs approximately 100 pounds. It is identified by a dark blue color running on its top and a silvery while strip covering its underbelly. The fish is found in tropical and temperate oceans. The specific locations of the species include the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. According to the sustainable canned tuna website, the Albacore Tuna is the most abundant and popular species of the canned fish because of its ability to survive in huge amounts in the temperate and tropical oceans. The trade name of the canned Albacore fish is the white meat tuna (Hilderbrand, 1-3).

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The scientific name for the canned skipjack tuna is the Katsuwonus Pelamis. It is a streamlined fish of medium size with a maximum length of about 3 feet long. Research evidence indicates that the canned skipjack tuna fish contains a high concentration of mercury thus making it not suitable for excessive consumption by pregnant women and young children. The canned skipjack tuna is found at the surface of tropical oceanic waters. The trade name for the skipjack tuna fish is the light meat tuna.&nbsp.

The Albacore tuna for cunning purposes caught using the surface troll method. According to the goldfish Badfish website (n.p), sustainable Albacore fisheries emphasize the use of the pole and line harvesting technique.

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