writing homework on The History of English Language.

Need help with my writing homework on The History of English Language. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The spellings of the English language are essential in understanding how the pronunciation structure of the language has developed. It is also analyzed to help understand how the language related to the vernacular forms of the English language. This article has played a significant role in helping users of the language understand why the grammar of the language has been structured the way it is. The user is also in a position of understanding why the syntax of the English language appears to be difficult to understand.

The article has failed to provide elaborate examples to specific explanations about the origin of the English language. The relationship between the language and other forms of vernacular is well analyzed, and there is a need to illustrate what are the contributions of the vernacular language forms. The techniques of historical linguistics play a significant role in illustrating why the English language is structured the way it is currently. The transition between the structure of the old English language and the new English language has not been provided to illustrate its change process.

This article starts by providing a narration of the history of the English language. It is based on historical records that have been used to help develop the structures of the English language. The origin of the English language is attributed to the speech of some uncivilized tribes in Europe. It is stated that the history of the English language is geographically situated in the European continent along the Northern Sea. This is the furthest that the history of the language can be traced, as there is no more evidence to state otherwise. The book also provides a description of how the language developed from being a language of a few tribes to a language that is widely spoken around the world. The author has stated that people are identified with the&nbsp.language they speak and that the language helps describe their origins and culture.&nbsp.

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