writing homework on The Lesson Plan and the English Proficiency of the ELLs.

Need help with my writing homework on The Lesson Plan and the English Proficiency of the ELLs. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The globalization that has been taking place in recent years has strongly necessitated at least a basic command of the English language to succeed, to the point that even infamously xenophobic countries such as Japan and China have been forced to require their students to take up at least the English language in school, if not other foreign languages (Kubota, 1998. Kirkpatrick and Zhichang, 2002).

As such, the advantage in this scenario goes to employees or applicants from countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, who have been utilizing the English language as their primary language since childhood. However, for one originating from a country such as Iran, in which English is generally not used as the lingua franca, this has some implications. For one thing, these English language learners need are prone to experiencing more difficulty in learning the language that is inversely proportional to its relationship with the student’s mother tongue.

For instance, whereas German students should find it easy or at the very least manageable to learn to speak English due to its close relationship with the German tongue, their Chinese peers may have more trouble due to their own language being completely different in comparison (McKay and Schaetzel, 2008). Aside from this, the intricacies of their culture may necessitate favoring one approach to teaching them, as can again be seen in how Chinese students were found to derive more benefit from teacher-led lectures as compared to more unorthodox methods of instruction, such as classroom discussion and learning activities (Jin and Cortazzi, 1998). Needless to say, would-be teachers of English to speakers of other languages need to be especially sensitive to the learning styles and preferences of their students.

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This being the case, this student has come up with a lesson plan, in line with the standards espoused by TESOL.org, which shall be used in an attempt to teach the English language to speakers of other languages.

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