Writing paper on faith healing children

I need some assistance with these assignment. faith healing children Thank you in advance for the help! For instance, in the book of James chapter 5, verse 15, it is evident that faith is considered the healing element of the sick. This is also evidenced in the book of Acts chapter 19, verses 11 to 12. According to this book, the handkerchiefs and aprons that touched Paul’s skin healed the sick that had faith in him. From the Bible (Mathew 13:58), it is also evident that some people do not get healed because of lack of faith.

Apart from what is outlined in the bible, some countries also support the Faith Healing belief. For instance, chapter 16 (Child Protective Act) of Idaho’s constitution states “The court may step in and authorize medical care if the parents won’t and doctors petitions for it.” Unfortunately, one can also realize that it supports the Faith Healing belief by the statement “The court must take into consideration any treatment given the child by prayer through spiritual means alone.” To strengthen her support for the Faith Healing belief, Idaho uses chapter 15 of its constitution to support chapter 16. Under chapter 15 (Children and Vulnerable Adults), “Any person who willfully causes or permits a child to be placed in a situation that its person or health is endangered could spend 10 years in prison.” However, it also says, “Prayer or spiritual means alone shall not for that reason alone be construed to have a duty of care to the child.” From this, it is evident that the religious practice laws also facilitate the overdependence on prayers in healing ailments. It is also evident that Idaho permits the use of Faith Healing in doing away with the diseases that affect their children.

Despite the success of faith healing in solving many cases of diseases in the past, it is evident that the scientist believes that something else different from faith caused their healing. According to scientists, many people have the tendency of mistaking the natural healing process with miraculous cures.

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