A home health nurse Is providing teaching to the guardian of a child who has leukemia about methods to prevention. Which of the following statements by the guardian indicates an understanding of the teaching?



57) A home health nurse Is providing teaching to the guardian of a child who has leukemia about methods to prevention. Which of the following statements by the guardian indicates an understanding of the teaching?

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  1. I’m sure my child will feel better now that he can ride his bicycle
  2. I should take my child’s temperature daily
  3. I should inspect my Childs mouth for sores
  4. I will make sure my child gets a measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine this week


56) a parish nurse is counselling a family following a client’s recent diagnosis of heart disease. Which of the following are first?


  1. offers to accompany the client and the clients partner during health care provider visits
  2. discusses the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet with the client’s family
  3. asks family members about the impact of the disease on relationships within the family.
  4. assist the client and the clients partner with finding an affordable exercise program


55) A nurse manager at a clinic is reviewing the preventative services offered to clients. Which of the following acts as a secondary prevention activity?


  1. encourages a pregnant client to participate in prenatal care
  2. refers a client t who is recovering from a substance use disorder to a social service program
  3. advocate for laws that prohibit texting while driving
  4. provides a smoking cessation class


54) a nurse in a community clinic is assessing a client who reports injecting heroin 1 hr. ago Which of the following


  1. dilated pupils
  2. euphoria
  3. tachypnea
  4. nystagmus


53) a home health nurse is performing an eye assessment for an older adult. Which of the following findings is reported to the provider?


  1. decreased near vision
  2. conjunctivitis
  3. increased sensitivity to glare
  4. hemianopia


52) a nurse is planning an in-service about isolation precautions for her coworkers. For which of the following is needed for contact precautions?


  1. pertussis


  1. pulmonary tuberculosis
  2. herpes simplex


51) a nurse is serving on a state task force for disaster planning. The nurse is engaging in disaster preparedness efforts with which of the following actions


  1. functioning as a manager at a temporary shelter
  2. implementing a disaster triage plan with a local medical facility
  3. assisting with the identification of a biological agent
  4. organizing a mass casually drill for community members


50) A nurse is providing teaching to a 50-year old female client. Which of the following statements should the nurse include?


  1. you should have your hearing screened every 5 years
  2. you should have your stool tested for blood every other year until the age of 74
  3. you should have your fasting blood glucose level checked every 6 years
  4. you should have a complete eye examination every 2 years until the age of 64


49) a nurse is teaching a client who has a terminal illness about hospice care Which of the following statements by the client understood the teaching? (select al l that apply)

  1. I will receive care from a variety of interprofessional team members
  2. I can receive care in the hospital or at home
  3. my provider will recommend that I enter hospice care when I have 1 year left to live
  4. d. I can discontinue hospice care whenever I want
  5. I will need to have private insurance because Medicare does not cover hospice services




47) a nurse is planning a primary prevention strategy for reducing obesity in a community. Which of the following statements?


  1. measures the BMI of older adults at a community senior center
  2. distributes health- risk appraisal questionnaires at community functions
  3. encourages age enrollment and attendance at weight-reduction programs
  4. educates children at a day care center about nutrition and exercise


46) a nurse at a rural clinic is interviewing a family who has different cultural beliefs than the nurse. which of the following statements should the nurse make?


  1. many folk medicine treatments work by providing placebo effect
  2. alternative medicine practices can be dangerous and should be avoided
  3. I can refer you to a medical practitioner for your health care needs
  4. describe how you hope the treatments will affect your health.


  1. A nurse is providing teaching to a newly licensed nurse about case management. The nurse should include that which of the responsibility of a case manager?


  1. performs employee risk assessments.
  2. enforces OSHA standards in the workplace.
  3. teach smoking cessation support group.
  4. evaluates the cost effectiveness of client treatment.


  1. A home health nurse is caring for a client who has terminal cancer and no longer wants to receive enteral tube, which action the nurse take.


  1. requests the facility chaplain to visit the client.
  2. completes an against medical advice form.
  3. explains the process for completing a living will.
  4. asks the client to sign an informed consent form.


  1. An occupation health nurse is assessing agricultural worker for acute effects of pesticide exposure. which of the following the nurse expect?


  1. diplopia
  2. hypoglycemia
  3. oliguria
  4. dizziness


  1. a school nurse is planning primary prevention activities for the new school year. Which of the following should the nurse include? select that apply


  1. teaching a class about the risks of cigarette smoking
  2. organizing a program to promote skateboard safety
  3. lobbying for funding for health promotion efforts
  4. recommending a seating arrangement for a child in a body cast.
  5. creating a plan of care for children who have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.


  1. a nurse in a mobile health clinic is caring for a client for who requires a tetanus immunization and accompanied by his daughter. The client not speak the same language as the nurse. Which of the following action should the take?
  2. identify the client’s spoken dialect prior to contacting an interpreter.
  3. have the client ‘s daughter communicates information about the procedure.
  4. arranges for a member of the client’s community to interpret the teaching.
  5. use professional terminology when providing education prior to the procedure.
  6. A faith-based organization ask a community health nurse to develop a mobile meal program for older adult who are no longer the following actions should the nurse plan to take first?


  1. inquire about the availability of volunteers.
  2. performs a needs assessment.
  3. determines potential funding sources for the program
  4. identify alternative solutions to address concerns.


39.A community health nurse encounters a client who has a bioterrorism-related illness. Which of the action should the nurse take?


  1. move the client to a quarantine area
  2. don person al protective equipment
  3. reports the client’s condition to the federal bureau of investigation
  4. disinfect contaminated areas of skin with isopropyl alcohol


  1. A case manager in a rehabilitation facility is discussing discharge plans with a client who has a pressure injury and requires a special bed. Which of the following statement should the nurse make first?


  1. eat a balanced diet with high- protein snacks.
  2. describes the place where you are currently living.
  3. A social worker can help with the cost of supplies
  4. Apply moisture barrier ointment three times a day.


  1. A school nurse is planning primary prevention activities for the school year. Which of the following action should the nurse plan take?


  1. provide first aid for injured students.
  2. schedule hearing screening for each grade level
  3. monitors the immunization status of students.
  4. provides referrals for students who have asthma.


  1. A mental health nurse is scheduling a home appointment with a client who has recently lost his partner in a motor –vehicle accent. Which of the following statements by the client indicate the need for immediate nursing intervention?


  1. there’s no need for anyone to come see me. Including you.
  2. “I’m not going to take you about my problems
  3. everything is going to be fine soon
  4. I just feel so angry right now


  1. A first –response team is working at the location of a bombing incident. a nurse triaging a group of client should give treatment priority of the following clients?
  2. A client who has a rigid abdomen with manifestations of shock
  3. A client who has a femur fracture with a 2+ pedal pulse.
  4. A client who is ambulatory and exhibits manic behavior
  5. A client who has superficial partial-thickness burn injuries over 5% of his body.


  1. A nurse is participating in a quality improvement committee for home health clients. Which of the following topics should he nurse receive for the committee to review?


  1. an increase in client falls at home
  2. an increase in client receiving annual flu vaccines
  3. an increase in level of local pollution.
  4. an increase in client admission for home healthcare.


  1. A nurse is reviewing levels of prevention with a newly licensed nurse. Which of the following is an example of tertiary prevention?


  1. educating adult about breast cancer screening guidelines
  2. providing STI testing for student s on a college campus
  3. Teaching about inhaler use to a client who has asthma.
  4. promoting the use of helmets with children who ride bicycles.


  1. A community health nurse is teaching a group of parent about manifestation of alcohol withdrawal. Which of the following manifestation should the nurse include in the teaching?


A, hyperglycemia

  1. somnolence
  2. hypotension
  3. seizure


  1. a nurse in a extended care facility enters the room of a client and notices a fire in the trash can. Which of the following is priority?


  1. move the client to another location.
  2. shut the doors and windows of the room
  3. attempt to extinguish the fire.
  4. activate the alarm.


  1. A school nurse is caring for a child who has muscular dystrophy and having difficulty swallowing at lunch. Which of the following should the nurse initiate?


  1. dietitian
  2. speech- language therapist
  3. occupation therapist
  4. respiratory therapist.


  1. A home health nurse is assessing a client who has AIDS. Which of the following responses by the client indicates a risk for?


  1. I’m relying more on my partner for support.
  2. I m afraid of experiencing pain near the end
  3. I don’t want to lose control of my ability to make decisions
  4. I know that everything will be better soon


  1. a nurse case manager is proving discharge planning for a client. The nurse is functioning in which of the following roles delivery of medical equipment to the client’s home?


  1. coordinator
  2. systems allocator
  3. consultant
  4. advocate


27.A nurse is caring for a client who is asks. Can I decide not to continue with chemotherapy? The nurse responds. this is your whatever decision you ask. The nurse’s response is an example of which of the following ethical principles?


  1. beneficence
  2. veracity
  3. Autonomy
  4. no maleficence


  1. A home health nurse is discussing electrical hazards with a client. which of the following statements should the nurse?


  1. you should limit your use of extension cords.
  2. you should secure extension cords with clear packing tape
  3. you should pull on the cord when unplugging items
  4. you should cover electrical cords with an area rug.


  1. A nurse is developing promotion strategies for older adult clients at the assisted living facility. Which of the following strategy priority for the nurse to include?


  1. scheduling annual dental examinations for the clients
  2. providing the clients with low-fat diet
  3. immunizing the client against influenza
  4. encouraging the clients to exercise regularly.


  1. A community nurse is working with a task force to decrease community violence. Which of the following planned the nurse identify as primary prevention strategy?
  2. providing sexual assault nurse examiner training for nurses in the local clinic
  3. developing a protocol for managing victims of violence
  4. providing parenting classes for local parents
  5. arranging for a local clinic to provide methadone treatment









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