Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses analysis of ict market in the uk.

The Vodafone and Telefonica-O2 were newly licensed in the same Conservative government. It produced far-reaching variations in the ICT sector of the UK. It stimulated competition and enabled mobile manufacturing companies to make innovative products. During the same time, Asian and Eastern European countries had become capable to compete in manufacturing the electronic products in the market. In reply to this electronic growth, the ICT sector of the UK concentrated on software services. The ICT sector was much focused to develop the new software instead of making the new hardware. The ICT industry in the UK is concentrated with the most famous fifty companies of the world. On the other hands, there are 95000 small level firms. The smaller firms are micro-business with fewer than ten employees. Software design, IT management, IT consultancy, IT reselling, and distribution are key activities of the ICT market in the UK.

This paper is focused on the market analysis of the ICT market in the United Kingdom. ICT market analysis in the perspective of sub-sectors particularly education and why small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are slower in full adoption of ICT in the UK? Along with this impacts of ICT on the education sector of the UK have been also analyzed.

The literature review is aimed to summarize ICT market analysis in the UK. The market analysis allows seeing the technology impacts on different sectors varying from education to SMEs for their businesses. The review will help to identify the areas, where ICT has impacted positively and investigate the areas which are less or negatively impacted.

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The ICT market as a whole in the UK is most attractive for foreign companies to invest in ICT goods and services. UK’s legal framework is supportive of business in the ICT sector. The increased appetite of consumers in the UK for technology supports the build-up and growth of the UK’s marketplace (UK Trade & Investment, 2009).

In a report, Middleton (2014) identified that a strong link existed&nbsp.between economic growth and ICT globalization. It is found that ICT has generated 21% GDP in developed countries of the world in the last five years.

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