Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Causes of Inter-state Conflicts Between U.S. and Iraq.

Due to Iraqi’s invasion into Kuwait, the UN Secretary States ordered its withdrawal by imposing economic sanctions, which was aided by the use of military blockade and air embargo. This gave George Bush the power to forcefully eject Iraq out of Kuwait. This followed with an issuance of an ultimatum on29th November 1990 by the Secretary Council that gave the US the ability to use all means necessary (Cashman et al 300) in ensuring international peace is restored.

To effectively understand the major reasons that led to US-Iraq conflicts it is important to analyze the US global grand strategy, its main mission in the Middle East, and the major interests that were effective during the Bush administration. This understanding plays a critical role in unveiling the reality behind the existing US Middle East Policy and how the region influences the American economy (Louis, 2009).

The grand strategy gives empirical evidence and a proper understanding of why the Bush government used all means possible in strategically controlling the global hegemony (Simon, 1991). after the 9/11 attack, a strategy of preventing wars as illustrated in the Bush doctrine and the 2002 National Security Strategy was formulated. The ideology behind this formulation was to get as many nations as possible to support the US in the move to eliminate terrorists. This meant that any country that was not in agreement with this strategy was actually against the US and therefore was supporting terror activities. This, in a real sense, was a threat in favor of the American government’s global strategy. However, due to powerful international laws and regulations, the priority was to rely on diplomacy and only introduce military force secretly because it was an already established strategy of hegemony. In this strategy, the US was keen on protecting the world’s biggest oil reserves, which were mainly found around the Persian Gulf. It has to be known that oil is a key resource in the current human life.

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