Compose a 1000 words assignment on my grandpa & his life lessons.

People seek for their life example everywhere. they like knights from legends, superheroes, presidents, celebrities, novel characters or people they barely know in life. Obviously, from the title of my essay, I prefer to appreciate my family as the greatest influence I have. Of course, all family members are equally important in my life. I would never become myself without the care and support of my mother and father. However, I would like to talk about my grandfather as the greatest person I knowMy grandfather’s life experience, personal traits, and considerate attitude always have a positive influence on family relationships. When my family has to make some important decision, we have no other person who can help us better with a relevant piece of advice. Grandfather always can suggest some actions to take and things to do, to be honest with other people and support the good reputation of the family. He has experienced many life situations, which are even difficult to imagine as I represent a totally different generation.

I am still too young to notice many little details in communicating with other people or settling family businesses. However, supported by my grandfather, I feel self-relevance and confidence in my future. He does not need all details to understand what other people feel. he has a strange ability or even a gift to read my mind and say the words which make me feel better in any situation.

In my culture, people grow up nurturing deep respect to their relatives and older generations. Since my childhood, grandpa has been my personal example of a leader and a person who can handle any situation. When I was a little child, grandfather contributed a lot in the process of my upbringing. All family members were busy at work and I often spend time with my grandparents. I was always glad to arrive at their house. it met me with little presents and tasty food, cozy atmosphere and a number of family photos in every corner.&nbsp.

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