Compose a 250 words assignment on mt140 unit 5 discussion.

MT140 Unit 5 Discussion The situation of Sandwich Blitz Inc. requires an effective manager, one who has the effective technical knowhow on the management of the various resources of the company. Expansion of a company is a hectic process that requires the management to consolidate and use the available resource in the company. Additionally, it requires effective understanding of the market. In order to understand the market, the management must carry out extensive market research and analyses thus understand the prevailing market factors that are likely to affect the company’s productivity in the future even as it expands (Palmer, 2012).

Management is a fundamental function that refers to the planning and controlling the resources of a commercial organization. Leadership on the other hand refers to the art of influencing the actions of others in a society. A manager may serve as a leader since he influences the actions and behavior of other employees at an organization. A leader on the other hand cannot act as a manager since he may not have the technical knowhow required to manage the other resources in a company (Hillson & Simon, 2012).

As explained earlier, resolving the dilemma at Sandwich Blitz Inc. requires effective understanding of the market in order to establish the patterns of supply and demand. As such, I would recommend an extensive market research and analysis in order to determine the factors that are likely to affect the profitability of the company. Dalman for example must equip himself with the relevant financial skills. This may compel him to enroll at a school and carry out extensive market researches. This way, he will obtain appropriate information capable of influencing the production at the company thus cushioning the company from incurring losses even as it expands to unknown markets.

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