submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Gossips and Their Role in Human Life.

. To begin with, it must be said that settings of Eudora Welty’s work perform a vivid picture of numerous beauty salons for women all over the world in a point of a typical situation for such a context when a hairdresser, a manicurist, or a stylist interacts with his or her client both in a professional way and through discussions of any possible themes. Surely, this practice cannot be considered as a permanent one, but under conditions of living in a small town women very often use services of the same beauty parlor the whole life. Rather than anywhere else, masters of beauty salons become those persons who are able not only to make women attractive but also to assist them with different issues and questions through input. Naturally, such an atmosphere adds to gossip sharing. And talks between Leota and Mrs. Fletcher are the case in point. The two women are engaged in a conversation during which Mrs. Fletcher gets to hear that ladies in the town spread the news of her pregnancy. The newcomer Mrs. Pike and another woman allow themselves to talk with their masters within the salon as well as outside it about the private life of Mrs. Fletcher whose real state even cannot be supposed due to such miserable and non-obvious proofs as loss of hair and visit to the drugstore. One way or another, such activity as gossiping is seen by Leota as an ordinary and non-harmful one, since she notices her habit to fill in pauses with some phrases just to make talk. In fact, the woman even does not catch the idea of possible negative consequences of those chitchats due to the fact that she perceives her female companions as “…somebody didn’t mean to harm in&nbsp.the world” (Welty 438). However, Leota understands the hollowness of gossips emphasizing “What people don’t know don’t hurt nobody… ” (Welty 439), without regard to their stable negative impact on people’s comfort at any rate. Consequently, she feels free at hearing Mrs. Pike’s betting of Mrs. Fletcher’s gestational age: “… lady’s three months on the way” (Welty&nbsp. 440).

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