Create a 1 page page paper that discusses the plan of a day.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses the plan of a day. My energy levels are raised whenever I talk to my parents and am with friends. Taking a nap has also re-charged me. I find that if I precede my study hours with activities that result in high energy for me, I am able to study well later. The distractions for me come mainly from getting off-topic to whatever is being discussed in class. These include mood swings and an inability to concentrate that is resulting in me getting distracted.

I procrastinate whenever I have to submit an assignment and this is because of partying and spending time away from my room. I plan to reduce the time that I spend with friends and instead devote this time to studying and preparing for class. The mistake that I did when I prepared my schedule was to lay too much emphasis on self-study in the sense that I allotted too many hours for this. And, when I tried to live with this schedule, I realized that I “planned to work” but did not “work to the plan” with the result that during the time I was supposed to work, I was distracted by activities like cleaning my room and taking a nap. In the next draft of my schedule, I plan to ensure that I take more part in group activities that revolve around study and assignments rather than talking gossip. Further, I intend to cut down on the time spent talking to my family.

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