Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the policy environment.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the policy environment. Public policy is a systematic process through which a government through its systems of laws, regulatory measures, funding priorities handles a public problem. It involves government-appointed public officials, at the federal level, state level, local level, and the agencies concerned. Policy issues are controversial problems that a government can legitimately address through its agencies. in regards to education, they include the choice of school, the setting of the agenda, the formulation of the policy, and the eventual adoption of the policy.

Explicit exercise of power is where the use of authority, force, power, economic dominance, and persuasion can directly be observed and debated upon by a third party (Fowler, 2012). The main reason for the foundation of public universities was to give access to students within the sates of origin an affordable college education. Financial shortfalls from the poor students enhanced by those colleges pushing up tuition fees and shifting their aspect of financial aid have resulted in the needy students being given less and, ironically, more to the wealthier who actually do not need the help. Several mechanisms have been applied by the public college administration to refrain grants to poor students. Records indicate that public colleges and universities have recently reduced the amount of financial aid in the form of scholarships in spite of a large number of grants they continue to receive from the central government (Wang, 2013). This has forced a large number of needy students to be forced out of public universities or rather afford a four-year college campus. An example of Ms. Epps, a bright high school student from Philadelphia, who would have to come up with about $4000 per year, almost half of what her single mother receives from the social security fund to attend her dream college Lincoln University. Low-income students have resorted to community and non-profit colleges and even some do not actually graduate. they fall out to go and look for jobs.

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