prepare and submit a paper on international status and prospects of nuclear power.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on international status and prospects of nuclear power. However, nuclear power needs to address such issues as geological disposal of waste, proliferation risks, and safety challenges. This paper seeks to explore the various aspects of nuclear power and in doing so the paper also deals with the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy.

The potential benefits of nuclear power are many and varied. The benefits of nuclear power have prompted many nations to include nuclear priority as a significant national policy objective. In the same way, nuclear energy provides modern world nations with the opportunity to find solutions for such issues as “energy security of supply, reducing import dependence and reducing greenhouse gas or polluting emissions” (WNA Report, p. 9). Studies have also shown that nuclear power generation can reduce greenhouse gases and environmental pollutions that contribute to global warming. Similarly, the economic benefits of nuclear power have also been documented in the literature. It has been identified that even though up nuclear plants are quite expensive it is quite cheap to operate them. In the same way, nuclear energy being renewable energy offers the possibility for reprocessing. A Report, in this respect, points out that “nuclear power has now become less expensive than fossil and any other form of electricity generation” (WNA Report, p. 7). In the same way, the WNA Report also shows how nuclear power can ensure ‘price stability, the security of energy supply, and low-emission baseload electricity.’ It can also be seen that nuclear power has become a significant predictor of whether a country is developed or not. Nuclear power also equips a nation to face threats from other nations and today all the superpowers in the world possess a considerable number of nuclear plants as well as nuclear weapons.

One needs to have a thorough understanding of the various contributing factors&nbsp.that will trigger a nuclear revolution worldwide.&nbsp.

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