Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the environmental problem of genetically modified organisms.

While the negativity erupts from various arguments that indicate towards harmful implications of using genetically modified food items, we cannot ignore the fact that information available today is incomplete. Societal knowledge of the implications of GMOs in ecological aspects is negligible while the societal implications of using genetically modified food are hardly investigated. In our study, we are going to check in which way we can make overall awareness around using GMOs more complete and what would be the best way to bring GMOs in daily life in modern-day society.

To add to the chagrin, most of us are unaware that the food thus created does not have health implications once digested inside the human body. Children are born with congenital diseases and are found to suffer from deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes for no apparent worldly reason. In our article, we measure why this social awareness is lacking and how we can increase it. Also, the need to reduce GMO treated food consumption has been studied.

nearby plants. By the year 2000, when transgenic corn plants that carried the Bacillus thuringiensis gene were created, everybody in the field of agricultural research was overjoyed. Corn plants which had high yields and better insect-resistant capacities were created in large numbers and could be stored and transported with ease to distant locations. A lot of expectations rose as insect-resistant crop plants were being created in labs and in monitored fields. Subsequent projects and studies have shown the positive and negative sides of going for such modified crops. They say that along with resistance to bacteria, the crops have also reduced the populations of non-target species of insects and birds that infested the fields. Now, this would not be considered as a great ecological achievement for mankind (Phillips, 2008, 213).

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