Write 8 pages with APA style on A Vertebral Condition for Mobilizations.

One likely cause of lower back pain is sprains of the muscles at that point. A sprain is basically a ‘pulled’ muscles. This can typically resolve itself in a period of not less than two weeks but the same should not go over four weeks (Petty & Moore, 2001). This thus means that if the pain is to go over four weeks, then intervention should be through and put in place. According to Petty and Moore (2001), symptoms of sprains include minor ache but sometimes this may lead to debilitating pain. However, Nordin & Frankel (2003) notes that it is unlikely that the pain which comes as a result of spraining a muscle will be felt far from the location of the muscle. In essence, such a pain tends to be localized. Therefore, the intermittent side in the lumbar region to the left side of the lower back maybe as a result of a muscle sprain. However, such a pain is not expected to spread to the buttock as is the case.

The intervertebral disc in the lumbar region helps absorb compressive forces, in the process creating a space for spinal nerves to leave the spinal column (Nordin& Frankel, 2003). In the event excessive compressive pressure is placed on the disc, sometimes tears can occur in the disc. The force of the jelly put on the tears can lead the disc tearing at that point. In some cases, the disc can be ruptured at the point of the tear. Disc problems like this make the disc vulnerable to compression as the player takes various swings in the process of playing, and this results in the pain. Unlike pain caused by muscle sprain, this type of pain can radiate into the buttocks and the legs (Muscolino, 2009) and maybe the cause of pain is felt into the buttocks.

Thus, to conclude, the two types of pain being felt by this particular player may be as a result of both a muscle sprain in the lower back region and a disc injury.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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