Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses the elements of president barack obamas administrative proposals.

The president’s administration has shown the goodwill to sign signed several bills into law to recognize the challenging and dynamic technology sector.

Technological Commitments

The Obama administration provides students with the skills needed for excellence in rewarding technological fields of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. This is based on the understanding that technology plays a leading role in transforming society and processes in every sphere of life. Developing the capacity of students encourages them to pursue technology-related courses and excel in them. It is worth noting that success in technological fields not only takes an interest but also creates an enabling environment for success. The administration has made that environment encourage aspiring students to pursue their dreams without problems (Milakovich & Gordon, 2013). The administration clearly understands the challenges bedeviling the technology sector and wastes no time to address them.

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The Cyber-Security Internet Policy

The president pledged to ensure that free and open internet is preserved to encourage innovation, defend free speech, and protect consumers’ choices. An internet policy task force has been created to integrate the industry with policy experts and consumer groups (Reddick, 2012). The attempt to bring these key groups together aims to identify ways of perpetuating the reliability of the internet and the trustworthiness of the resources in it.

The administration joined representatives from civil society, business groups, and technical internet communities from over 30 countries to reaffirm internet policy principles’ significance. Open access to internet resources has been a challenge in some quarters. The Obama administration woke up to this reality and ensured that free internet access flourishes to enhance human connections and innovations to unimaginable heights.

The president and his administration understand the need to make internet security for all Americans. The contemporary technological environment is marred with severe technical challenges that have detrimental effects on individuals and organizations (Milakovich & Gordon, 2013). Americans need to bank, shop, learn, and communicate online without being subjected to security threats, including hacking and identity theft.

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