write an article on New York City Blackout and Mayoral Election of 1977. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

The paper determines the main effects of the blackout and New York City Mayoral elections of 1977, both on how it destroyed the city more and the positive effects associated with the blackout and the New York Mayoral elections.

Considering the thesis statement of the research, which is to determine the effects of blackout and the New York Mayoral elections, there are indeed two different perspectives to be addressed. These include both the negative and positive effects that were associated with the two aspects. The New York City Blackout and the mayoral election of 1977 was indeed a pivot to New York on many different perspectives. The 1977 election was the last multi-candidate election, in which no one would predict the possible outcome, and therefore, provided for the enhancement of democracy in electoral aspects. In addition, the election involved a first-time female candidate who would be the first of her sex to lead the city hall (Soffer 98). This influences the aspect of gender equality, an aspect not previously experienced in the city. This was indeed on a positive perspective. At the time, New York City was already facing a number of challenges, and from the look of things, including recurring chaos.

First, during the time, New York City was held hostage by a serial killer who at the time had contributed to many deaths in the city, without any forthcoming solution in the near future (McNickle 144). Considering the circumstances then, the period was indeed a defying moment for a city already in trouble (Soffer 104). Other than the serial killer who had taken the city captive, the election period also faced a great streaming blackout that was followed by&nbsp.great looting and arson.&nbsp.

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