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Begin with an explanation of the tools of informatics, including spreadsheets, relational database
technologies, and integrated statistical packages. Why are these tools and technologies so
important when managing large databases of public health informatics?
Database Analyses:
You must answer at least 11 questions about your database. Below are some example questions
that you might answer about your database. You will need to present the questions asked and the
answers you were able to obtain from the database. These questions will, most likely, not refer
specifically to your database.
1. Are there more males or females in the survey population?
2. Which condition has the highest frequency?
3. Which month had the highest number of students with breathing difficulties?
4. Which school had the highest frequency of students with bronchitis?
5. How many students answered yes to Reactive Airway Disease (RAD)?
6. What is the percentage of students with RAD that have been prescribed medication?
7. Which zip code has the highest number of students living in it?
8. Of that zip code, which condition had the highest frequency?
9. How many students answered yes to all four conditions: asthma, RAD, bronchitis, and
10. Based on all four conditions and zip code, are the conditions evenly distributed among
the survey population?
11. Does one school have more students in the affected zip codes and with all four conditions
than the others do?
Summarize your data analyses results and describe what data quality assurances you applied to
ensure your results are accurate. Your paper must be 34 pages, not including your pivot tables
and charts or reference page of at least 3 scholarly sources cited in APA format.

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