Prepare and submit a term paper on For Fallen Stop Sign, Vandals Face Life.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on For Fallen Stop Sign, Vandals Face Life. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. An example of a case is the Feb. 7, 1996 incident that occurred in Utah State, determined in Hillsborough County court. A succinct analysis of the case details and occurrence leading to the accident and death reveals that Miller, Baillie, and Cole, the defendants, were guilty of involuntary manslaughter as charged under the Utah Criminal code.

Any legislation that is formed as a statute by government agencies that are perspective in nature are known as statutory laws. They serve the interest of citizens under the governance of the agency that constitutes the laws. They are important to decide outstanding issues among citizens living in the area within which they are applicable. Statutory laws are applicable in areas where common laws may not have direct jurisdiction. An example of statutory law is the Utah Criminal Code.

The Utah Criminal Code defines criminal homicide and various provisions related to the act. According to the code, an individual is guilty of criminal homicide if he or she, intentionally, acts in a manner that causes the death of another individual. The act should meet the threshold that defines it as reckless or committed knowingly. There are diverse elements and definitions outlined in the code including the terms recklessly, intentionally, or knowingly as applicable in defining murder or an act of manslaughter. The code has diverse situations that define murder under a criminal homicide.

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Based on the provisions of the code, criminal homicide qualifies to be considered as murder if the actor does three things. First, an act qualifies as murder if the actor knowingly or intentionally causes the demise of the affected victim. Second, the code defines criminal homicide that constitutes murder if the perpetrator intended to cause severe or bloody injury to another individual, an act that causes death. Third, criminal homicide constitutes murder if the circumstances under which it occurred to show evidence of grave risk to which the victim was subjected by the perpetrator of the action, and thereby causing death. Under the code, murder is classified as a first-degree felony. Besides murder, the code outlines provisions on the concept of manslaughter.

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