prepare and submit a term paper on Post Exercise Basil Metabolic Rate. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Post Exercise Basil Metabolic Rate. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Case study Main goal of the study According to Petrofsky et-al, “Recent evidence shows that a burst of rapid exercise with a duration of 10 minutes or less may be more effective in increasing body metabolism in the hours after exercise than is seen with low level aerobic exercise” (65). This shows that the main goal of the study is to ascertain the fact that brisk or fast exercise in a span of utmost ten minutes in a controlled environment and diet is more successful or helpful in terms of elevating the level of metabolism in periods subsequent to an work out as compared to squat cardio.

Results of the study

It is worth noting from the article that both a speedy work out conducted within a span of ten minutes and a squat or less vigorous cardio leads to an elevation of the level of metabolism in the body tissues. When the power and concentration of a work out is elevated in a span of ten minutes, the level or intensity at which fatty acids are metabolized in the body tissues is significantly reduced all through the work out. On the other hand, the level of fatty acid metabolism in the tissue is elevated in periods preceding the work out. This is attributed to the fact that the more speedy the work out, the more oxygen is pumped into the body in periods preceding the work out in a bid to reinstate the body systems back to their usual and standard status (Petrofsky 66). Therefore, the level of metabolism is also elevated as a result.

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Importance of the results of this study to the average population

There is a notion among individuals within the average population that regular exercise is important in the maintenance of a favorable body weight and shape. Comprehending the fact that a short but speedy work out is more helpful in relation to elevating metabolism than a work out characterized by low concentration and strength is important as it helps people choose exercises that are more beneficial to their bodies.

Benefit to individuals with diseases, injuries, or other pathologies

One of the major health problems facing individuals in the contemporary world include obesity and diabetes. The results of this study elucidated the fact that exercise increases the rate at which fat is broken down in the body hence preventing an increase in body weight (Petrofsky 70). In addition Petrofsky et-al further states that “The increase in fat metabolism is especially useful for people with diabetes in that it has been shown that glucose control is enhanced not just during exercise but for several days post exercise. Exercise also reduces free radicals in cells from defective mitochondria” (66).

Application of this research in my own workouts

Individual workouts involving lifting weights in a gym for ten minutes would be more important in elevating the level of metabolism in tissues as compared to jogging for an hour. Results from this research asserts that more oxygen is pumped into the body to reinstate the usual circumstances in the body after a speedy workout as compared to a less hasty work out (Petrofsky 66). Therefore, adopting a hasty or speedy technique during work outs would bring more benefits as more fat would be metabolized.

Work cited

Petrofsky, Jerrold, Laymon Michael, Altenbernt Lorna, Buffum Alyx, Gonzales Kristine, and Guinto Chez. “Post Exercise Basil Metabolic Rate Following a 6 Minute High Intensity Interval Workout.” The Journal of Applied Research 11.2 (2011): 65-72. Print.

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