Regulations on air quality


watch video

1. Read this article from Earth Focus:

Refer to  SmartAirLA (Links to an external site.)    and the  Asthma Tracker

  1. In an initial discussion post, reflect on your reactions to reading this above material.  You can take several approaches (these are just suggestions):
    • Does the material support your personal experience?  Explain.
    • What is the rating on Asthma Tracker?  What information did it give you and was it useful information?
    • Is there a linkage to air quality and supply chain problems?
    • Should local, state, or federal agencies put tighter regulations on air quality? Explain. If yes, what regulations would you propose? If no, explain why not.
    • What especially stood out to you in this information? Why do you think this stood out?

This discussion is set so you will only see other student’s replies once you have posted.

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Due Date & Grading:  Try to start your discussions early!

must by 8-10 sentences in length, minimum





our initial post must 300 words, must be detailed, and must show evidence of your critical thinking skills.

All posts must be written in your own words and not copied in any way from the textbook or any other sources.

The three questions that each of you must answer in your initial post are:

  1. What were the three main ideas that stood out for you from this chapter?
  2. Without repeating information from the textbook, why are those main ideas from the chapter important to you? (In other words, how have you experienced the concepts/principles discussed in this chapter?)
  3. How will you use the information in this chapter in your work life AND what outcomes/results do you expect to achieve by doing so?

When writing your initial post that answers these three questions, please label your answers according to the question number (using the numbers 1, 2, and 3). Do not re-write the questions in your answer.  



The President of the United States is thought to be the most powerful man in the world. Presidents have the most independence (Freedom from interference by Congress, etc.) in foreign affairs. Provide two detailed examples of President Biden’s use of power in foreign affairs since he has been in office. Do some outside research if necessary. Was the president successful in meeting his objectives and satisfying public opinion?

A good research jump-off point is