research paper on the effects of alcohol abuse on your physical mental and emotional. Needs to be 6 pages.

Need an research paper on the effects of alcohol abuse on your physical mental and emotional. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Alcoholism is regarded as a disease that is lingering and long-lasting because the body becomes used to the presence of the alcohol within the systems. This makes the drinker totally dependent on the alcohol and does not have any control over how much is drank and how long he or she will go on drinking, seemingly unsatisfied, during occasions when alcohol drinks are present and flowing. Alcoholism is being quite aware that the drinking problem is having a negative effect on relationships, work, finances and health but the affected individual goes on drinking nevertheless. Alcohol abuse on the other hand pertains to the fact that an individual may drink heavily on occasions but is never totally dependent on the alcohol to get through the normal daily living activities. Whichever category an individual drinker may fall into, overtly drinking alcohol is a problem that cannot be solved by the drinker alone since he or she will not have adequate will to stop the drinking and may not have the appropriate resources to start rehabilitation, go through with all the processes or stages of withdrawal and come out successful in the end (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2010a). The causes or origin of bad drinking habits that eventually lead to alcohol addiction have actually no known cause. While studies have shown that there are certain genes and social groups that are at high risk of developing the habit of dinking and becoming alcoholics at the end. but the said genes and how they make a person an alcoholic addict has not really been identified through research. Mainly, it is in how much a person drinks overtime that increases and influences the possibilities of becoming an alcohol dependent. The high risk for becoming an alcoholic includes but is not limited to the following: 1) men who have 15 or more drinks a week, 2) women who have 12 or more drinks a week, and 3) anybody who gets five or more drinks per occasion in a span of one week (Downs, n.d. a). The signs and symptoms of being dependent on alcohol includes constantly disregarding responsibilities related to work, home and school. This includes continually finding excuses for skipped commitments, not being able to take properly care of the children or failing to attend classes and eventually dropping out of school. Another sign of being an alcoholic is when an individual takes alcohol in situations where it’s physically hazardous to do so. like when operating machineries, driving or mixing prescribed medications with alcohol. People who often makes excuses to have a drink in order to cope with stress in order to relax is another exhibited sign of becoming an alcohol addict or dependent (Smith et al., 2011b). Body Many individuals go through their entire life drinking alcohol but did not become alcoholics or alcohol abusers. As earlier said, there is no particular gene or social group that actually makes one an alcohol dependent. But there are certain risk factors that actually influence people to start drinking and then become hooked on it, sometimes unconsciously. Hence, by the time they become aware of the problem they can no longer function independently without having the substance in their system. which actually leads to social, personal and health problems.

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