teaching methods in our public schools

I need some assistance with these assignment. teaching methods in our public schools Thank you in advance for the help! Some of these learning methods include. Discovery learning which is strictly a learner-centered approach. The learner is expected to apply his or her creative skills, draw hypotheses, perform experiments, and logically interpret their own data to arrive at well-researched conclusions. The method largely contributes to the learner’s cognitive development. Co-operative learning is the second method that calls for discussion and mutual exchange of ideas amongst students. It is aimed at promoting teamwork. A research conducted by Johnson (1979) indicates that the method not only assisted the teachers but also was also highly preferred by the students.

Lastly, they talk about Digital learning a method that involves the use of modern electronic devices that assist the learner in making their work easier for instance in making calculations. Teachers are also trained on how to use these devices which include calculators, computers, etc.

The conducted survey reveals that teachers are happy with the administrative body though they seem not well contented as to whether their senior administration demonstrates strong leadership skills.

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They also appear to be satisfied with the mode of communication, which includes good relations between them and their leaders. However, they are not happy since there is on openness in the sharing of knowledge and information. They are happy with feedback gotten from their managers regarding their overall performance. Though they are never appreciated after a good assignment.

Diversity is applied in schools with different ideas being pumped to the same. They feel that their ideas and opinions are not well received at their place of work.

The most commonly applied teaching method is hands-on. followed by lecture methods tally in terms of use while the least used method is discovery.

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