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As such, it is important to understand fully the status and nature of Afghan political climate and culture before imposing new or improved political systems that will be more acceptable and in-tune with the local population’s beliefs and interests.

Afghanistan as a country has always been composed of various ethnic communities living in separation with each other due to geographic landmarks (e.g. landforms, mountains) and their individual ideologies and beliefs in their own factions, only having Islam as the main religion and their common links with one another (Katzman, 2014). These differences and spatial separations created natural rifts between and among communities or tribes by claiming that each one of them has the divine right to rule, causing them to become divided which in effect prevents full assimilation of all groups into democratic governance by a centralized government (Shahrani, 2011). However, despite the idea that Afghanistan has never experienced any form of democracy during pre-modern and modern eras, it is surprising to note that amidst various political struggles the country was actually under a successful democratic reign during the 1960’s up to the early 1970’ under a parliamentary system ruled by a constitutional monarch. This political setup was made possible by the government providing support to the informal power structures that have existed within the long history of the country. These power structures have hierarchies that include respected figureheads at various levels of the society: from ethnic, regional, district, village and clan levels of authority, and have provided peace and stability within the widely-varying groups of communities in Afghanistan (Katzman, 2014).

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