Write 5 pages thesis on the topic global english.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic global english. The first circle is the ‘Inner Circle,’ which refers to the traditional and historical origin of English. It involves the native speakers of English who include Great British, Australia, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand. There are more than 400 million speakers in this circle with nearly 70% of them being from the United States. The second circle is the ‘Outer Circle’ which includes countries that were colonized by the United States or Great Britain. In this circle, English is spoken as a second language and the colonized countries including South Africa, India, Kenya, Gahanna, Pakistan, and Tanzania. The third circle is the ‘Expanding Circle’ where English is not the official language, although it is recognized as an important foreign language. This circle includes all Asian countries and most countries in Africa.

Most of these countries have been helpful in establishing this theory through two main approaches. The first approach involves making the language an official language by using it in important areas like education, science, law, media, and politics. The second approach involves the belief that English assumes the status of the most favorable foreign language. the second language taught in schools or preferred to be educated in communities. According to Crystal (2003:5), people in more than 100 countries consider English as a foreign language to be taught in schools.

The English language developed from a regional to global language due to a number of reasons. Firstly, English was introduced for purposes of helping imperial expansion in the 16th century during the colonial era. The industrial revolution also caused the global spread of English. The industrial revolution was led by Britain. Britain invented most of the production machinery. Any country that was to adapt these innovations needed to have an understanding of the English language to interact with the manufacturers.

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Additionally, the United States was among the leading countries in politics and economics in the&nbsp.20th century. For other countries to be able to imitate it in their political and economic fields, they needed to understand the English language. Resultantly, there was a need to learn the language.&nbsp.

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