Write a article on Old Habits.

I will pay for the following article Old Habits. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. My own family members have become the greatest examples of these phenomena in my life. To comprehend this procedure or perceive the power of the cosmic force which is beyond our comprehension, the trajectory of my life consisted of the actions which fell into the close counter, begins with the story of my brother Matt. Matt is my sibling and he is a great lover of adventure. This love of his life suddenly changed his entire life. However, it was not his destiny alone that was shaped with the deeds for which he was responsible. There were people around him like my mom, Deb and my dad, Steve and me whose lives were greatly affected by the transition in Matt’s life.

As a family, the lives of each member are closely related to and influenced by the actions and lifestyle of other members of the family. Actually, this feeling itself gives a feeling of coherence. A family is like a complete picture where each member and their life is a fragment of the jigsaw puzzle. A single fragment missing would never allow completing the puzzle and the story. Matt and my life are not an exception in this regard and the fate of our parents proved fatal for us to a great extent. There was a time when my mom and dad were almost on the verge of losing their job. The threat of a financial crisis is greatest in today’s materialist world. One needs to earn for every great or small wants and desires in life. Dad could somehow manage to save his job but mom had to put in extra effort and she took two jobs from the hour cut of the first one.

We had two dogs. I still remember the lovely days that Matt and I spent in their company. They were part of the family and we were a complete happy family then. I mentioned the fact earlier that every integrated bit, every single member complements and completes the picture of a happy family. One day we all went together hunting and very unfortunately at the dusk, we lost one of our dogs and never saw him again. This is why I repeatedly keep stressing this factor. I am well aware of the consequence of a missing member of the prevalent picture-perfect concept.

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